Wrangell Silvers are awesome!! There has been great fishing for almost a month now for us “hook and line” guys. My clients have had a great time trying to keep up with these Silver Bullets as they run, jump and run straight back to the outboards. Awesome!! I have been using the “Sledge Hammer” made by Mack’s Lures in blue and army truck. I have added a herring fillet as a trailer and for scent enhancement and it is the best thing going. These Stikine River Silvers are now reaching 15 pounds, hook nosed, and full of energy. My Fetha-Styx rods are managing these fish perfectly and even though they might be a little heavy, they play flawlessly and give my clients plenty of control. Fetha-Styx is the best around… Trolling around 2.5 knots and fishing as shallow as 15 feet, I am finding Silvers everywhere and taking lures very aggressively, even on the drop! Over the last month we have boated 97 Silvers onboard the “Timber Wolf” and there is more to come! These Silvers will continue to get bigger each week and hopefully provide us with some excitement before they head up the Stikine to spawn. Gotta love it! Wrangell Alaska!

Good fishing!

John Yeager
Alaska Charters & Adventures